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Rip Trainer exercise

Training Like an Athlete or Training Like a Sheep

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Look up at the title again.  Yes, I said training like a sheep.  “Sheep don’t train!” you say.  I disagree.  We see it all the time.  Every day.  Crossfit, P90X, Insanity, Hot Yoga, and whatever else is the trend.  We gather to whatever we hear is the “new thing” or the one that everyone is […]

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Work Out New York

Work Out New York- What Am I Watching?

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This is not a positive review.  I’ll probably update as this show goes on, but right now, I”m in the middle of watching the new show on Bravo TV, Work Out New York.  This has NOTHING to do with working out, and so far, what I’ve seen is horrible.  Squats in the Smith Machine?  WHAT?  […]

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Workouts at Tony Cress Personal Training

Why YOU Should Work With a Trainer

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I offered up a yearlong deal this weekend, where it’s $500 for the YEAR for our group workouts.  It’s normally $135 a month, or $1620 a year.  Quite the savings.  Now I know a lot of people can’t afford premium services like very instructed exercise, even though I think anyone who exercises NEEDS it, so […]

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