Tony Cress Personal Training – Our History

Tony Cress Training Center not only gives you the top trainers in the industry, with decades of experience, but the tools used in the programming of our workouts are unique to TCTC in the Las Vegas Valley. Utilizing WeckMethod tools, like the RMT Club, ViPR, TRX and Rip Trainer, you will not only get stronger and more fit, but you’ll learn how to use your body more efficiently, which in turn spells better workouts and life for you!

A mission to not only enhance movement, but educate any human being willing to receive help on how to live a vibrant life.

Tony Cress is a certified personal trainer and exercise specialist with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. His experience has involved him in designing programs for collegiate sports teams, celebrities and professional football players. His background specializes in functional, pain-free movement. His philosophy is “move well, and look better because of it, not the other way around”.