Tony Cress Training Center –The Movement

Most fitness facilities are focused on the calorie burn, AMRAP’s (whatever those are), and how much sweat is produced to quantify how good a workout is.  We don’t subscribe to those notions, because those are akin to fad diets.

  Tony Cress Training Center is an environment where the philosophy is about movement quality, not quantity.  If you never truly understand how to move your body, how can you train efficiently?  Using tools like The Functional Movement Screen and Gray Institutes 3DMaps Movement Assessments, we’ll develop a systematic program for each individual to have success from the time they walk in the door.

A mission to help people move better, so they move more.

Tony Cress is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. His experience has involved him in designing programs for collegiate sports teams, celebrities and professional football players. His background specializes in functional, pain-free movement. His philosophy is “move well, and look better because of it, not the other way around”.