What a world, huh? Right now, you might be stuck at home, not working, waiting this whole coronavirus thing out. What are you doing to make sure you don’t come out of this worse for the wear? This is one of those times in your life where you can make a GREAT decision about your life or you can be ho hum about this all and be right in the same spot you’ve been in…or be worse.

Right now things are ideal to change your life. You have all the circumstances that you need:

Time. We all have this one right now. Unless you were a stay at home mother or an essential worker, you just acquired a whole bunch of time. That’s the number one excuse for people… And POOF! It’s gone. You literally have HOURS each day to get a workout in.

Nutrition. With most everything being curbside pick up only, and no dine in, food is on YOU, literally. You have the time, now you just need to start preparing or cooking your own food. This does not mean learn how to make banana bread. Why not learn how to cook healthy meals?

Direction. Where do you start? Well, moving every day is a good start. If you don’t, start walking. Go for ten minute walks the first week, then add ten more minutes a day each week. Lift some sort of weight overhead, reach down to pick something up. That’s a great start. Do it often. If you already do stuff, how can you enhance it? Well, we do a bodyweight workout on YouTube every day that I promise you will get you in better shape than you currently are. That’s one option. In our current state of being, there are a million options for workouts. What will make you better is your best option. Ask that question and don’t just look surface level for the answer.

You have a chance to change your life right now if you want it. Learn a new skill, enhance your current ones, what are you going to do?