You love fitness. Don’t lie to yourself. You love everything it can do for you. You love the feeling of a good workout. You love looking at hard earned muscle. Everyone does. You just don’t love what it takes to have fitness. You don’t love the feeling it gives you to actually GET there. That’s ok. Guess what. Some people don’t LOVE their jobs, but they love what their jobs give them. They love the paycheck or the ability to afford certain things, or the perks they get to have that come with that job. They don’t love the work they actually put in. But here’s the thing. YOU put in that work. You have a sense of PRIDE when you put in the work, to get what you want. The same goes for fitness. Don’t you think? YOU put in the work to get the abs. YOU put in the work to lose the fat. YOU put in the work to go harder, be stronger, run faster. No one else. That’s pride right there. You have no one to blame for being fit except yourself. Those minutes, those hours, are yours to do what you want, and you decide to put those minutes and hours towards YOU. YOUR fitness, YOUR health, and YOUR LIFE, in your hands. YOU DID THAT! Good work!