OK. So, I get an email today, well, it was a message on facebook or myspace, now i can’t remember, but it went something like this. “Hi Tony, my name is so and so, and I see that you are a personal trainer. You got a mad tight body yo! How do i get abs like yours? I know my workout is on point, but I just need to tone up my abs and love handles. Help me out bro. I know you got tips. Tell me how to get all cut up! Love Whoever” So, that wasn’t EXACTLY what the message said. But I get stuff like that every day. And now, here is a general response to that. Most people who write me those messages, DO NOT only have to tone up their abs and love handles. They have GOT to realize that this isn’t a spot reducing game we are playing here when it comes to exercise. If in fact, you are absolutely shredded everywhere, but your abs and love handles hang over your pants, then, you are kind of a freak of nature, and i don’t know what that would look like exactly. More than likely, the case is that the person who is asking the question, needs to look at their situation in a whole body approach.. The fact is, they need to lose fat. Period. They WANT to lose fat, in their stomach, and “core” area, because that is the “sexy” area everyone determines a persons level of fitness from. You can’t have defined, sexy abs, when you have fat on your arms. I know it doesn’t sound like that correlates, but it does. You can’t just lose fat in your stomach. Here is the bottom line. If you can’t see your abs, you could probably stand to lose some fat elsewhwere as well. Now, there are certain cases, where it is people who maybe have a pound or two to lose, to get the final cuts out and actually see abs.. Usually, this has to do with diet. I still get the people who say they are doing everything they can, and nothing is working. Guess what. They aren’t doing everything they can then. It comes down to really dialing in on your diet, and paying attention to when you are eating and what you are eating. Most people go wrong on one of those two things. Anyway, I’m sure I could talk more about this topic, and I’m sure i will. I suppose this is just a little taste, but your comments and questions are always welcome. Hope you guys enjoyed this little rant tonight.