Bottom line: I don’t think everyone should come work out at TCTC. A lot of people are not willing to understand the theory or philosophy we have, because they subscribe to what marketing is telling them to believe is the way to “fitness”.

If someone is unwilling to give up the “burn more calories” mantra, you probably won’t last at our gym, and you probably won’t get the results you want when you do go at it alone.

If someone is unwilling to give up the “split body parts” workout days, they probably won’t last in our gym, either. The body doesn’t really work in compartmentalized states, so we try not to train that way. There is nothing wrong with a little bicep curl every now and again, but when it has a day on it’s own…so does tennis elbow.

If someone is in it for the quick fix, you probably won’t last in our gym, either. We focus on whole body wellness. We’re trying to get you right for FOREVER. The pool auditions you have in 3 weeks? The wedding you have in two months? Your high school reunion? All great reasons to get back in shape, but if you aren’t trying to adopt those habits for the long haul, we probably aren’t a good fit for you.

We want the slow burn. The methodical approach to developing long lasting habits you can adopt and keep with you for the remainder of what we are trying to get to be a long, fruitful life full of movement… PAIN FREE movement, and high quality stuff.

We are looking for the people who want to be strong in real life, not just in the gym. We are looking for people who want to have no limitations when they move through life. The people who want to decrease their back pain, who want to be able to lunge to reach something on the ground without fear of their knee buckling. The people who realize that if they increase the QUALITY of their movement, they will ENJOY moving MORE, which will make them want to move OFTEN.

The “looks” and “toning up” just happen. Those are the details you don’t even have to worry about because we’ve got you covered. You just have to understand that QUALITY beats QUANTITY every single time.