We need to regroup. We are failing.

Your goals are going to be challenged by pretty much everything around you.

Your focus either allows those challenges to take over, or allows you to see them as what they are, in relation to your goals… distractions.

Are Netflix and Hulu and HBO keeping you from accomplishing tasks you USED to do or could do instead of those things?

Is “good food” or even “food that tastes good” keeping you from eating food that is “good for you”?

Is THE INTERNET keeping you from focusing on tasks you KNOW you should be doing, but that dang “world wide web” thing, keeps diverting you? It’s real easy to click on that other app over there to get that dopamine you were looking for.

And what is even more fascinating is that The Challenge Gods can just keep creating the distractions for you. New shows, New seasons of shows, great tasting food like products, nights out, alcohol, tiktok videos that do nothing but “entertain” and more excuses.

You always have to be on watch.

Goals or achievements don’t just “happen”.