Why do people have such a defeatist attitude towards changing your health as you get older?

Is it challenging? Yes.
Is it impossible? Hardly.

My thought is that most people aren’t willing to accept that challenge, but don’t want to admit that, so it becomes “once you get older” or “wait until you are older” or “since I’ve gotten older, my metabolism…” etc.

Maybe the choices we make have a direct impact on when we get older.

YES, you could eat anything when you were younger and “get away with it”. I’d argue you weren’t getting away with anything. I’d argue that you were possibly more physically active and what you were doing was actually setting yourself up for the current situation you are in, whether that is health, vitality and the ability to move, or… your slowed metabolism, chronic pain, and “having to be so strict” if you want to change.

So, what do we do about that now? Change. Start doing things that are different than what uou are used to. Change is the challenge. Staying the same is comfortable, easy and safe.

Taking on the challenge to do something different is exactly that. A challenge.

Is that ok?