I know I know. All you people, especially Las Vegas people, are saying they are gonna get in shape starting after New Years. They are finally going to hire a personal trainer, who is hopefully named Tony Cress, and get their fitness plan ON! But they have to wait until after they party on New Years. Because they have big plans, might as well take the week off in between Christmas and New Years, skip working out, and start fresh January 1st. My question is why don’t you start working out right now? See, these people are saying they are waiting til the new year. Maybe it’s a catchy date for them, or maybe they think that’s the only time to start, but here’s a dilemma. Most gyms, aren’t open New Years Day, so you actually would be starting on the 2nd of January, which, I assume, would ruin your plans. You are already 1 day behind, so you might as well, wait til the beginning of the week, or the next week. Or you’ll start fresh in February. Or wait. You’ll get back to exercising so you look good for when the pools open. See where I’m going with this. New Years is a way to put things off. It’s not any special date. All it does, is make you write the year wrong on everything for the first few months. Start your nutrition and exercise plan now. I dare you.