I am a personal trainer in Las Vegas. I know some of you people think i shouldn’t have any goals myself when it comes to fitness, but I do. I like to exercise, and I love the benefits of exercise just as much as the next gym goer. I also have my own goals, and things I’d like to accomplish. They don’t necessarily coincide with New Years, or my birthday or whatever, but they are things i would like to accomplish. As far as physical goals for myself, I’d like to gain about 10 pounds. Now, I’ve been saying this for years, and i know where my problem lies. I need to think more about my nutrition, as does everyone else usually. In my case, since i want to add good quality muscle, I can’t eat just any garbage. I have to have a calorie surplus, but it can’t be crap calories. So what i have to do, is basically stuff my face with good quality foods. It’s going to take a while, but I think i can do it. My other main goal, is to dunk off two feet with two hands. I’ve never done it, but with everything I’ve learned over the years, I know i have enough physical capability to get this thing done! My health, and knowledge of nutrition and exercise and performance should help me reach these goals. Now it’s a matter of if I have the motivation to get them done. Hopefully I’ll hear about your goals and your motivation. Send me an email, I’d like to listen.