Quit being one of those people who falls for weight loss scams like magic supplements, wraps, and gadgets and be one of those people who changes their habits to actually be healthy.  Yeah, I know it’s difficult given your circumstances.  You have no time, and are super busy.  You have to take your kids to all their sports practices and music lessons and you work at 6am every day.  You also volunteer at the local homeless shelter and are head of the PTA.  Your commute to work is two hours and you cook dinner for four when you get home.  Then you go over your kids homework each night AND you have bad knees.  You never quite got over that shoulder injury from high school baseball and you hurt your ankle slipping in the snow.

That stuff still doesn’t work.

You need to realize for something to stick, it’s about the habits you develop. In order for you to be healthy, look healthy and live healthy, you’ll actually have to ACT healthy.  Odd concept.  I get that.  But you’ll have to eat foods that are nutritious, exercise strenuously, get good sleep and all that stuff.  What you won’t need are:  waist trainers, wraps, and dare I say it, supplements!  People will say, “but wait!  If you don’t take supplements with today’s lack of raw nutrients in food, you won’t get everything you need”.  If you eat enough of the right foods you will.  That’s the problem.  People don’t, and are much more willing to blame it on the food itself instead of them.

Go to the gym, eat some vegetables, and get 7+ hours of sleep.  Do the best you can with exercise, recovery, nutrition and mindset.  Those things will actually help you get healthy instead of making it LOOK like you are.