I did the Reebok Spartan Race yesterday, with some awesome folks from #TCPT, although, I didn’t wear the shoes Reebok sent me. They just weren’t that comfortable, so I decided to stick with my trusty New Balance Minimus. While I was doing the race though, it got me wondering, how many calories do you burn doing it? That is an interesting, and not so clear cut answer. The race we did was 9 miles and some, through random Las Vegas desert landscape, and I feel like this course was not filled with very taxing obstacles this time around. That being said, if you hustled on the trail, you probably finished around 2 hours and some change. Again, the fact that the obstacles weren’t that taxing, limits the amount of energy you expend. So, to answer that question, it could be anywhere from 1000 calories to 2000. That’s really just a guess, but realize if you are walking, it’s about 3 hours of walking/doing obstacles. If you burn somewhere around 400 calories an hour, moderately hiking, multiply that by three, with some obstacles, and we’ve got a 1500 calorie workout! Not too shabby. Obviously it’s not an exact science, but that’s an estimate. If you actually ran, and hustled through, you could probably up that a couple hundred calories, but not a ton, because it takes less time. So, there you have it. Burning calories and all that is great, but I think the Spartan Race is all about the experience, and not about the burn.