Your Workout Sucks. It really does. Let’s be honest. How are your results coming along? More than likely, they aren’t coming along that fast, or that steady. If they are, this post may not apply to you. But if you fit the description, you can learn from this. Let’s take a look at your workout. What do you do? You probably spend 30 minutes to an hour on a cardio machine, watching replays of Real Housewives of Iowa City, or wherever else is the next place they do it in, and then you go ahead, and IF you do resistance training, probably do some curls, and some bench, if you are a guy, maybe some lunges and some squats, probably spending more time looking in the mirror, or checking out the opposite sex. All in all, your workout takes you about 2 hours. And you’ve been doing this for months. Now, “where are my results?” you say. Well, you aren’t going to get any. Want to know why? Because your workout sucks. We covered that. If you keep doing this lame workout, you’ll always be doing this lame workout, and you’ll always look the way you do. If you are really focused, your workout should take no longer than an hour, and you should probably have nothing left after that hour. That’s IF you want results. If not, continue catching up to your reality shows during cardio, and checking out what other people are doing while you should be doing something yourself. The main point I want to get across here is for people to use their time wisely. Most people go into the gym, have their fashion show, think of it as leisure time, and look like it in the end, without the six pack they were hoping for. Change it up. Do actual work when you are there. Get on a cardio machine, and bust your ass. Do a full body workout, that doesn’t just hit your “show me” muscles. That is all. If you want a workout that doesn’t suck, try something you don’t normally do. Yoga, bootcamp, pilates, TRX, kettlebells, sandbags, interval training (where you actually WORK), just to name a few. Right now, your workout sucks, but you can change that.