Your local Las Vegas Personal Trainer at your service here. Ever wonder why you go to the gym, work out, drink your protein shake, go out to the club for 7 hours, sleep, drunk for 5, then go to work hung over and not get that six pack you want before summer? Well, I don’t. Because I know why you aren’t getting that six pack. You think you are eating right, doing the right things, but most likely, you aren’t. Think about it. Are you leaving the gym, drenched in sweat from your weight workout? Are you getting a variety of whole, nutritious, colorful foods? Do you get enough sleep? Are you limiting your alcohol intake? Most likely, if you aren’t seeing results, most of these questions will be answered with a word you tell little kids when they are trying to eat crayons. NO. Let’s talk about that first question. Do your weight training sessions leave you tired, sweaty and dunzo? If not, you probably aren’t doing all that much to get those precious muscles you want, or that pretty tone that all the ladies are looking for. I see tons of people go into the gym, spend an hour or two in there, and come out looking like they just got done watching a movie. The gym is where it all happens. You work on your fitness, and try to do better each and every time out. If you do the same old thing, that isn’t challenging, why do you think you’d get results from that? If I ran into a brick wall, 100 times in a row, and didn’t run through it, what would make me think that the 101st time, I would actually make it through? The answer is not genius. Anyway. My point is, you have to actively challenge yourself in the gym, or you aren’t going anywhere. You won’t be in any better shape, you won’t see a six pack, if you do the same old exercises, the same old way, with the same old weight. You have to do things that you think you might not be able to do. It’s the only way to get better. Practice your deficiencies, and reap the results.