A lot of people come to my Las Vegas personal training facility with a few goals in mind. One, they want to lose weight. That’s first and foremost. Two, some of them want to gain a little muscle. One of the pitfalls these potential clients seem to have is that they don’t have time to go to a gym or they just don’t have the time to work out as much as they think they should. Here’s a real quick solution to all of that. Make every place you are at, your gym. That’s right. Literally consider every place you go, a fitness center. Your kitchen, is now the agility training center. Your office, the balance and stability area. The grocery store, the speed training zone. What I’m saying is, you can actually find a little workout anywhere. I think of going through the aisles of a grocery store, and try to travel through your grocery shopping as fast as possible. Watch for other customers, because you don’t want any reckless driving charges with your cart, but you do this, and you’ll come out of it burning a slightly higher amount of calories than if you took your time. Your living room. Who says it’s wrong to drop down and do some pushups while you are watching commercials during Family Guy, or the Office? If you have kids, and you are strong enough, tell them to take a seat on your back for a little ride during the pushups. Now, all of a sudden, that’s a pretty intense exercise! My point is, don’t just think of everything for having one purpose. That chair in your office, can be used as a bench, Those bags of sand for the ice during winter time, use them as weights. You have pets? Use them for this. Which reminds me. Check out my youtube videos here. Don’t look at that stroller as just a stroller. Throw some water jugs in there, and now you have some great resistance to push up the hill on your street. Anyway. Open your mind, because your greatest workout could be right in front of you.