Working Out in Vegas! As opposed to waking up in Vegas. Thanks Katy Perry. Anyway. What are you little fitness maniacs up to today? I have just been busy as all hell with my personal training, and the show American Storm. My first Las Vegas billboard went up today for my training, and not surprisingly, it’s a picture of my six pack with my website. Pretty simple right? Funny thing is, it’s located right on top of the parking lot in the casino where the Chippendales perform. Call me guys, I can help! Just playing just playing. Those guys work out hard. I see a few of them at the gym, when I get a chance to make it there. That’s the problem being so busy. Well, its not really a problem, because you can make your workout a priority, and luckily for me, I can work on my abs right in my backyard. You can too. Everyone can. There are tons of pieces of makeshift gym equipment. See that tree over there? That’s your pullup bar. See that knocked down telephone pole? Deadlifts.. How about that bench in the park? Step ups, dips, box jumps and decline pushups. You get the idea. There is exercise equipment all around us. You just need to look at things in a different way. What may have been meant for office use, could very well be meant for your shoulder development. Open up your minds to the possibilities of everything you see around you, and you’ll find you do, in fact, have time to work out.