I live in Las Vegas. Right now, at midnight, it’s 94 degrees. We had fitness camp at 7pm. I don’t remember what the temperature was, but I think it said 100 when I was driving up. To be honest, this wasn’t the hottest fitness camp that this personal trainer has put on. We’ve been out there at 105, I remember last year. Although it was a little uncomfortable, it wasn’t unbearable. So, where you live, what is the temperature? I assume parts of Arizona have similar weather. But how about in Iowa? Or New York? Florida maybe. Even in Oregon. Everywhere in the U.S. has a different climate and temperature, most of it hot right now. Should you be exercising in it is the question. I think why not? Certain things have to happen for this to be safe though. You have to be properly hydrated, so bring a bunch of water. I prefer Fiji, but you can drink whatever water you would like. Also, wear appropriate clothes. If you live in Las Vegas, it’s probably not a good idea to wear some sweatpants and a warm-up jacket with a ski mask on, unless you are walking into a 7 Eleven. To the same point, if you live in Alaska, and you are working out outside at 9pm, you probably aren’t going to want to be wearing some marathoner shorts and a sports bra. Yeah. I’m talking to you dude. But seriously, dress appropriate for your conditions. Also. don’t overwork yourself. When it’s hotter outside, you might not feel like you are putting forth a ton of effort, but trust me, it catches up to you. Take it easy the first few times, and you’ll get the hang of it, I promise. Other than that, I’ll reemphasize the hydrating part. Get plenty of water. In the heat, too much really isn’t an option. Don’t NOT drink water because you want to “sweat it out”, or whatever from the clubs the night before. Your life depends on this. Ok. Be safe, wear the right gear, and DRINK WATER. Everything else should just roll with that.