As a personal trainer, I hear everything. Living in Las Vegas, bascially multiplies that statement. People come to me, wanting to work out for various reasons. And here are a few. Maybe you work out to feel better. For most people, this isn’t the reason. I usually get this from people who lack energy, or are losing their once amazing shape. They realize that working out gives them a sense of dedication, and that alone may raise some peoples spirits. Personally, when I don’t get in my exercise, I am not in the best mood. I also feel like I’m not doing what i should be, which in turn, puts me in a bad mood. Also, some people are stuck at desks all day long, and working out, even just walking on a treadmill, can do wonders for how your day goes. Maybe you work out, because everyone else you know does. You may not like to work out, but since your mom, your boyfriend and your cousin too, works out, you feel the need to join them at the gym. Might not be one of your favorite things to do, but if all your close relationships are there, then why wouldn’t you. I see people in Las Vegas who are the epitome of this. They go to the gym with their friends, because they won’t go without them. No harm done in that. You work out because you love your body. I’ll admit, I think this one comes into play for me. I love making my body look a certain way. I don’t think this is negative at all. If you didn’t have this feeling yourself, i would assume you own no mirrors. Physical appearance is definitely a concern for our society. Just watch tv, and you will see commercials for everything from gym equipment, to reducing your cellulite, to hair spray to blemish cream. If physical appearance didn’t matter, this would not exist. You work out to get girls….. or boys. Another reason people work out is to look good to the opposite sex. Also, I have no problem with this. More eye candy for everyone:) You are working out for medical reasons. I think, if I was going to die if I didn’t work out, pretty sure I would do it. But what about these people who are going to die if they don’t quit smoking. And they keep smoking. Baffling I must say. There are plenty more reasons to work out, I just decided to rattle off a few. I think no matter what your reason is, it’s a good one. If you are getting to the gym on a regular basis, I say good job to you. If your reason keeps you fit, keep with that reason, no matter what it is. Time to go practice my MC Hammer dance moves. Night.