I offered up a yearlong deal this weekend, where it’s $500 for the YEAR for our group workouts.  It’s normally $135 a month, or $1620 a year.  Quite the savings.  Now I know a lot of people can’t afford premium services like very instructed exercise, even though I think anyone who exercises NEEDS it, so I figured I’d give people a shot at being able to afford it.

The problem with this whole industry is that everyone THINKS they can do it on their own, and if you walk into ANY gym in America, you’ll see the majority of that population is dead wrong.  It’s kind of like banging your head against a brick wall and hoping a door opens up.  For some reason, people want to think they know what they are doing, because it’s so advertised or so prevalent in our society that “working out” is just a given, and that everybody needs to do it, which i think is true.  What I don’t think is true is that everyone should just go DO something to work out.  Yes, to get people moving, just go DO something.  Take a walk, play with your kids, ride a bike.  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Let’s take a look at that bike.  When you bought it, did you have the guy at the store fit you for a bike?  Hopefully you did, otherwise you would possibly be getting a bike that is much too small or too big for you.  Did you take his recommendation, or did you listen to what he said and then go totally against it?  It’s kind of like a fitness plan.  Just because you know you should exercise doesn’t mean you know WHAT to do.  That’s where something like this deal comes in.  When you go to a reputable personal training studio, you get to LEARN what to do.  Think of it as lessons.  This is a very broad range of things to take in:  HIIT, intervals, cardio, weights, mobility, flexibility, agility, balance, fat loss, muscular imbalances, speed, strength, TRX, kettlebells, bodybuilding, squats, front squats, deadlifts, vipr, rotational movement training. unstable training, muscular endurance, and on and on.  How much of that stuff can you explain to me?  It’s all pretty essential in fitness.  If someone were to go at it by themselves without good knowledge of this stuff, how well do you think it would turn out?  If I taught myself piano lessons, how well do you think it would go, versus if I had a piano teacher teach me?  Would I save time with the piano teacher?  You bet.  Would I save money?  Because I’d be saving a whole lot of time by not wasting it figuring it out on my own, YOU BET I WOULD.  Why do people not apply this to exercise?

I guess my main point in this post (rant) is to get instruction.  The things that seem so simple, might not be as simple as you are trying to make it.  But with instruction, they become simpler.