You want to get in shape, and that’s all well and good. You like to lift, because, you are a dude. Or maybe you like to do cardio on those machines, because, well, you are a gal who wants to be hot, but you don’t want to get all bulky with all those 5 pound dumbbells that we all KNOW make us look like the Incredible Hulk. Both of you, my friends, have a major problem. The lifter, will get strong, and big, but will look like crap, and the cardio girl will have a really strong heart, but will also, look like crap. I hate to say it, but you guys are my friends, so it has to be said. You both are wrong in the way you are going about your business of fitness. Both things are pretty good in conjuction with each other, but don’t do us any kind of justice on their own. Guys. Here’s the deal. We all want to get big and strong, and have six packs and walk around shirtless and have everyone tell us we are soooo ripped. I mean, those are pretty much my life goals, so I would just ASSUME they are everyone elses. So WITH that assumption, I’m going to tell you how to do this. The 1st, and pretty much most important rule: DO DIFFERENT THINGS. I have plenty of friends who “lift” and go to the gym. And most of those friends look great in clothes and tight t shirts etc. But when it comes to pool or bedroom time, I’m sure there is a LOT of sucking in going on. Which, if that’s what you want to do, to get that extra ab work in, I guess I can’t fight that, you are geting in as much work as possible, being out of breath during leisure time, just so no one knows you are holding a little bit extra weight there. But instead of that, maybe let’s do a combination of things that will help all that go away. You’ve built some muscle under that fat, now it’s time to actually show the muscle. My best advice would be to integrate TRX Fusion Classes into your workout, but I know some of you are too “manly” and “meathead” for TRX, or so you say. Fact of the matter is, it KILLS fat, and gives you a little bit of a stretch as well. About 100% of guys I know, could use a little bit more mobility in their lives. There is also no better core workout. Ask anyone who has taken any of the classes here. Another thing you can do, is some high intensity cardio. It might be sprints outside on the track, or maybe you just use a recumbent bike in the gym, I don’t know what your flavor is, but it doesn’t matter. We are doing what WORKS. My choice is the Airdyne. Most gyms won’t have this, some do, and they are amazing. Spend 10 minutes on this, and you’ll never look at cardio the same. The goal here is this. Change things up, and your body will change, and will thank you. Gals. We have to look at things a little differently with you. There’s been this overload of feeding you this crap about long, lean, dancers muscles. Well, let’s have a look at it like this. How many 5 foot 4 dancers have you seen? Of the ones you have seen, are they long and lean at 5’4″, or are they pretty stout and muscular? Most of you aren’t 5’9″ or taller, so that long, lean look, won’t quite be as easy to attain, regardless of what you do. So at your average height of somewhere around 5’5″, we have to make due. And the only way to do that is add a little bit of muscle, so that frame looks amazing! You can’t just do cardio and think the job is done. Do NOT be afraid of weights. I’ve heard people say they don’t lift anything more than 8 pounds because so and so trainer said not to. That’s not real life. Pretty sure most 2 year olds weigh more than 8 pounds, so why would you train to be too weak to lift a 2 year old kid? Makes no sense to me. Adding that little bit of muscle will make clothes look better on, and will make you look better out of them. It would also be a good idea to integrate sprinting into your workouts as well. Sprinting will build that muscle tone that you are looking for, without adding much bulk to your body. Don’t be afraid of the weight room. And TRX, can build you muscle, burn fat, and make you more flexible. Most of which, won’t be accomplished through cardio alone. So both of you, guys and girls, it’s important to NOT just stick with one mode of exercise. I did yoga the other day. I obviously sucked at it, but with enough practice i will become more flexible, and in turn, more fit. Thanks for your time! [youtube id=”3j0M8tExV60″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]