These bodies you see above, despite what the media wants to tell you, are NOT easy to get. It actually takes hard work. It’s unfortunate, that the United States as a whole, is brainwashed into believing getting in shape is easy. Go watch any infomercial site and they’ll tell you how easy it is to tone your arms, or work your six pack. They say it’s effortless on the commercials. The problem is, it isn’t. I think it’s how big businesses work. Sadly for us as a population, we look for quick fixes, because honestly, we are not very patient. If I told you you could walk to my house or drive, you would choose to drive, because it’s faster. So if I told you that you could lose 10 pounds in 2 months and never gain it back, or lose that same 10 pounds in a week, and possibly gain it back, the majority would choose the 10 pounds in a week, even though you have the possibility of it coming right back. I feel like everything in society is like this. Get sick, take a pill. Need food, here’s Mickey D’s. Don’t go out and get a movie, just order it on your TV. Need to get in shape, use this device.

I’m a huge fan of documentaries, and how our society deals with different things. One of them I watched was Killer At Large. This particular one focuses on the obesity epidemic in the U.S. I won’t go too into the film, but there is a 12 year old girl who goes to the point of getting liposuction. She says nothing has helped her lose the weight, so she has to go to liposuction as a last resort. It doesn’t say what her diet consisted of, how much physical activity she does, or really, what her parents have done to combat the issue. She takes the magic pill and BAM, she’s no longer fat. She doesn’t fix any of the issues that got her fat in the first place, and basically her parents see her as “not fat” anymore, so it worked. Guess what. She gains weight back. She’s 12! This generation of children is the heaviest in U.S. history. how do we fix that? Give them all liposuction? Or maybe it isn’t a quick fix. Maybe we get children, AND adults to be more involved with physical activity, get them eating the right foods, and educating on what these quick fixes, and magic pills really are. If you got fat over the years, most likely, it’s not going to take you a month or two to turn that around. It’s a life changing effort.

These infomercials and fad diets, are banking on the fact that you want a quick fix. If that really were possible, then why isn’t EVERYONE healthy and in shape? If it’s THAT easy, wouldn’t we all be walking around with six packs? It takes something inside of each and every person, mentally, physically, and emotionally to change their unhealthy ways. If it was that easy, do you think smoking would still be around? No. Smokers have developed a habit, to a highly addictive drug, and it’s HARD to stop. This, to much dismay, is the same problem with the food of today. You can become addicted to fatty, or sugar laden foods, much like you can to cigarettes. It’s a tough habit to kick, but also a very important one.

As far as activity goes, I’m going to play on Forrest Gump. Lazy is as Lazy does. Being lazy, makes you more lazy. Being active, makes you more active. It gives you more energy to do more things, which in turn, makes you a happier person, which in turn, does not entice you to emotionally eat. All these things play a role together. If you put in the time, and the effort, a healthy, happy lifestyle is not out of reach. Just because it is difficult does not mean it is impossible. If no one did anything that was difficult, we would live in a very, very different world. Total health challenges all aspects of you as a person. Your mental state, physical well being, and your emotions. This is unlike any other challenge. The media, and marketing and big businesses want you to think it’s a piece of cake to get in shape. This would be a marketing tactic, because their bottom line is making money. I mean, how many different devices can you make to tone your abs? If any of them worked, wouldn’t there be, just that ONE device, that everyone uses? What happens is people buy them, don’t see the results in a few weeks, and toss it. On to the next. Those people make businesses very happy, but they never make themselves happy. They are always on that endless search of what diet to try, what different 90 day workout program they are going to be on for 27 days, and what fat-free ice cream cake with cheddar cheese and butter they can eat.

My point is not to discourage any of you from getting on a workout program, or trying different things, Genetics is not your downfall. What is your downfall, is buying in to quick fixes, and not taking accountability for yourself, and the actions you take. We can all find time to exercise whether it is taking stairs at work, doing pushups before you go to bed or when you wake up, taking your kids/dogs on a walk, or getting in a workout at a gym. We all can be educated about what foods do to our bodies, why we need vegetables AND fruits, and the effects of processed chemicals in our bodies. I could go on and on about what I think about liposuction and quick weight loss fasts and cleanses, but I won’t. Ultimately, the choices you make are up to you. If you take the teleportation quick fix. You might get there, but at what cost? Your body could be all messed up because of the way you got there. If you take the scenic, lifelong route, I guarantee you’ll get there, and you’ll get there learning a lot about yourself, and you’ll be proud of how you did it.