Why do you eat unhealthy? Is it because it takes you towards your fitness goals? Is it because you know it has great health benefits? Maybe it’s because it’s cheap and easy? Well, more than likely all of those are false assumptions. The first two are no brainers. The third, you have to be a little bit creative here, but it’s much less expensive to eat healthy than you would think. I’ve gone over that in some previous blogs, so we won’t go fully into that here. More than likely, a reason you eat unhealthy is a two parter. Your unhealthy habits have become just that. Habits. You are just used to eating crap food. It’s become a habit to pull into the convenience store, get yourself a processed turkey sandwich or chili dog, and call that lunch. Unfortunately, it does you no good for anything. The second part is that you don’t really want your goals. You say you want to lose weight, or get ripped, but you continuously eat the wrong foods, or drink too much wine, or go party too much. You don’t really have those as your goals, and you don’t want them as much as you say you do, or those wouldn’t be your choices. So that’s that. Ask yourself the next time you are putting down a seemingly innocent box of Lucky Charms, exactly WHY you are doing it.