If you go into any gym or  fitness facility nowadays, what the set up for group classes basically is what you would call MISS.  Most people THINK it’s HIIT that they are doing.  High Intensity interval Training.  That’s the trend in the fitness industry which is the “secret” to burning body fat in your sleep.  While the science for this rings true, what most people are doing in the gym is NOT that.

Let me explain, very simply.  If you do not get adequate rest in between sets of your “intense” exercise, your exercise no longer becomes intense.  “but it’s still hard!”, you’ll say.  That might be true, but the work capacity compared to what your body is capable of is very low, meaning relative to your body, you aren’t working very hard.  If you don’t NEED to rest, you aren’t really working that hard, are you?  You must work intensely enough that warrants rest for you, or else, it really isn’t that intense, and there is no “interval”.  So, When you apply that to HIIT,  you are actually MISSing.


This brings us back to the type of training you think you are unfamiliar with, but are actually VERY familiar with.  MISS.  I made this term up, but here’s what it is.  Moderate Intensity Steady State training.  You work just hard enough to warrant a quick rest, and then you go again, and you think you should be working out at that rate for an hour or so.  This seems like it makes sense, because your calories on whatever monitor you are using are sky high, but you don’t get that thermogenic effect that you would, if you increased the intensity of the :work” period and INCREASED the time of your “rest” period.  A phrase I heard from a guy named Jade Teta made a lot of sense to me.  He said, “Go until you can’t, rest until you can”.  Now, obviously you can manipulate this to work in your favor and still MISS, unfortunately.  But if you really work the way that HIIT is intended, you’ll WANT rest within your workout, and A LOT of it.

Take that with you the next time you do your workout.  Is your work period REALLY high intensity, or are you just saying that it is?