The title of this blog is odd, I know, but i mostly think it’s the truth.  We ALL are guilty of it too.  Obviously I’ll be applying it to fitness (since that’s what I do), but you can apply this everywhere.
We choose where to put our efforts, but do we go ALL In in those aspects?  I can’t say I’ve ever read a book, watched a movie or anything like that 3 times back to back to back, but the last book I read has made me accomplish that feat.  The 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone has me ON FIRE.  We choose to NOT be obsessed with anything or take MASSIVE action in our lives.  We try to have “balance” and let ourselves “live a little”.   The problem with these sayings is that we already are doing those things.  If we put our maximum effort into our goals in fitness, peer pressure wouldn’t phase us, but it does because we want to be relatable, not extraordinary or weird.  We want people to think we fit in, so that chat meal when you are trying to get in the best shape of your life won’t hurt, or missing that workout is ok because you worked out 3 times this week.  When we are OBSESSED with something, nothing truly gets in our way.  We don’t have bad weekends or slip ups because that goal is our dominating focus.  We can’t get it out of our heads.  If that’s not the case, you aren’t truly determined to get that goal.
Is not your fault though.  Society has told us that’s how it should be.  Don’t strive to be awesome, strive to fit in.  Have things in common with people.  I’ve got a question.  If I can BE better, ENJOY life more, BE happier and more productive, but it requires me to be dedicated to my goal to the point of social awkwardness or NOT fitting in or being called weird, why is that wrong?
Be UNSTOPPABLE in your pursuit to be the best you can be without feeling bad, or falling into the “ease up” trap.  Attack, attack, attack!  Get your mind right, focus, and DO the things that change your life!  People WILL tell you that you are doing too much, going too hard, because THEY wouldn’t put in that work.  They want to justify their lack of drive.  Don’t fall in the woe well.  Be what you KNOW is possible and what you THINK is impossible.  Set your goals sky high, and reach them.  Don’t say this is “good enough”.   Good enough is GARBAGE.  you want a “good enough” marriage?  A “good enough” job?  A “good enough” life?  That’s AVERAGE.  And right now, that’s the goal most of us have.  It’s time to do a reset and figure it out.