So someone told me today that out of all the trainers they know, I’m the only one they’ve ever come across that actually CARES.  Now, I don’t really agree with that.  I think a lot of trainers care about the welfare of their clients, but it got me thinking about that very thing for a minute.  I would like to ask you a question.  If you work out with a trainer or a coach at your gym, box, studio, warehouse, club, secret society, or whatever else they are calling them these days, do they know your name?  I think about this for a couple reasons.  I know that people rave about different instructors at different places with different workouts, but how personal is your connection with the person leading it?  Do they know your name, or do you just know theirs?  I think we overlook this when you are one of 50 people in a class or 300 in some weight loss challenge you are doing.  I’ll be honest.  If I had 300 people doing one of our 8 Week Challenges, that thing would not be one of ours, because it’s a little more personal than that to me.  I don’t just want to give a list of food to eat and I don’t want to HOPE they follow that.  I want to know what troubles they are having in keeping up with the list or why they can’t get to their workouts.


I can’t help if I don’t KNOW you.  That’s one of the things I love about how it works out at TCPT.  I know everyone’s name who i train, and I like it that way.  Then it doesn’t seem like just a workout, it seems like you are TRAINING to be better at any workout.  There’s a big difference between a workout and TRAINING.  workouts can just be jumping around for an hour with your heart rate up.  TRAINING is specific, and it’ll make you better at specific things.  You can workout and never be able to do more pull ups than you started at, or you can TRAIN and work towards increasing that number.  That’s the difference I think.  If your trainer doesn’t know your name, more than likely, you are just getting in a workout.  If they do, hopefully they are getting you to TRAIN!