Keto, Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, Whole 30, etc.  There are an absurd number of “diets” you can go on.  Most, and ALL the ones I mentioned won’t tell you this, but the whole reason why you see weight decrease in the beginning is time and time again, the same thing we’ve always seen in the age of diets… a lot LESS calories consumed each day.  Each time, it’s not the magic of the “ketogenic diet” or “eating Paleo” that give you the weight loss.  What it is, is simply eating way LESS than you did before you got on this kick.

Some people will argue that since it’s working, that they should keep doing it.  The problem is, it’s not working.  it SEEMS like it is working, but long term, most of these things can’t last.  Another problem is we don’t want to think long term because look what it’s doing for us right now.  At some point, the low calories will catch up to us, and we can do one of two things.  We can either keep those low calorie intakes and truly ruin our metabolisms, or we can increase the calories and gain weight back.  I’m not even mentioning what each of these diets are doing internally, because, let’s face it, most people don’t care and ARE NOT factoring that into their equation.

So we are left with our options of messing with our metabolism, or gaining weight back when we go on these “diets”.  The answer is NOT what anyone wants to hear.  Slow, incremental changes in nutrition will give us a lasting outcome.  The funny thing about this one is you don’t feel like you are taxing yourself or depriving yourself of anything, you aren’t starving, and the argument of “carbohydrates aren’t needed in the body” doesn’t exist, because you would still be eating them.  Permanent weight loss is a benefit, as well as clear headed-ness, and increased positive health.  The downside?  It’s too slow.  The funny thing for most people, proven by the bajillion dollar diet industry, is that “too slow” is all that matters.

What do we do here?  On one hand, you have a million diets to choose from that pretty much assure you will have to quit and start over multiple times forever, and on the other hand you have a surefire solution to your whole health, that’s “too slow” for some people.  if it’s right, and really the only answer, there is no “too slow”.  It’s just what it is.