We didn’t do a great job off letting you know that we have been doing live workouts this whole quarantine thing. 39 days in a row. They are up on the Tony Cress YouTube channel, and in our members group on Facebook. Wanted you to still be getting your health on during this time down.

If you need help locating the workouts, just let us know. We’ll be back in the gym before you know it.

Right now, this challenge of getting things done is mental, it isn’t physical. Our barriers now come with a few more excuses. Our friends aren’t there, there’s no equipment, my workout area at home is weak, etc etc. All it is… Different circumstances. You still have the same goals, so why would you stop the process? Makes sense if you’d like to have to make up more ground when you feel back to”normal”, but we aren’t really sure what that normal is, so we might as well make our fluidity normal.
my two cents.