I love how I look. Is that a bad thing? I love how exercise makes me look. It drives me to push harder, and harder. It drives me to do a little TRX every day. It drives me to make the right food choices. I like being athletic. I like being able to run fast, and jump high, and play basketball. These things motivate me to keep doing the things i do in the exercise field. Now, if that’s what motivates me, does that make me a bad person, that I like the muscle that working out gives me? Some people work out for other things. They work out because they think they should, or maybe it’s because it will help them live longer. Some people work out to lose body fat. I know people who work out because their doctor told them they have to. Whatever the reason, it’s NOT wrong. No one should look down on you because you work out for strictly vanity purposes. That’s a perfectly good reason to work out. It might not be YOUR reason to work out, but it’s someones. Figure out why you would want to exercise, and have THAT be your motivator. It doesn’t have to be this hugely moral and ethical reason. Sometimes we think that the reasons we do things, are looked down upon by other people. So what? It’s not their body, brain, or motivation. It’s yours. Use it, and DRIVE with it!