What is your motivation? Do you have any motivation, or do you just work out, to work out? Do you actually have goals you want to accomplish, or are you just working out because you know it’s good for you? There needs to be something behind your thought process of working out. It can’t just be to get in better shape. We all want to get into better shape. What does that mean exactly? How will you measure that, and how will you know if you achieve that goal? If you are going to achieve it by measuring your times in the mile on day one, and then again on day 45, then you are one step ahead of some other people. If you go at it because your doctor said you need to work out, then you might not know exactly how to measure your progress. Maybe it’s by working out more days per week, or making a schedule of your workouts. Regardless, we need end points to short term goals to stay motivated. Setting short term goals, is just as important as the long term goal. These need to be specific. I will hit on this again. You can’t just have the goal of “getting in better shape” or “toning up”. those goals, are very vague, and very general. make a goal specific to you, and tell everyone about it. The more you tell people, “I’m going to lose 20 pounds by August 1st” the more people are going to be aware of your goal, and keep you on track. You have to be working for SOMETHING. If you just do things to do things, you probably will just be wasting your time, doing “things”. Make it measurable, make it definite, and tell ERRRRBODY! You have to be in it for something, or else your motivation will be hiding out, without helping you.