How hard do you work on your fitness? When I say fitness, I’m talking about overall, not just your workouts. I’m talking workouts, rest, recovery, nutrition etc. There is a scale I like to use, and most people, after explaining it to them, understand better just how “on your game” you should be when trying to reach goals. You can apply this scale to any of the variables above, when thinking about fitness. For the purpose of this post, we’ll apply this to nutrition. One of my clients was talking to me about the 4 Week Six Pack Plan, that I sell online. During their time on the program, I asked them about how well they are following the nutrition portion of it. They said that they are about 90% on top of things with the nutrition, then went on to admit it wasn’t that high. It spurred a lecture by me that had some of the following points, that may make sense to anyone that went to school. That more than likely means all of you reading this. If you can look at how well you are on your nutrition game, like a grading system, we can probably figure out how well we will see results. So, when you take a look at your own nutrition, how often would you say you eat what you are supposed to eat? Let’s say you have three meals a day, with some snacks and protein shakes mixed in. If you aren’t doing that, that’s ok too. Let’s say, one out of every six meals is an iffy decision. Out of every six meals, you are eating at about 85% positive. Now, only if the other meals are prefect, can that stay at 85%. Let’s say they are close to perfect, but not quite. We’ll drop that down to 80%. Now, let’s say on the weekends, you add a couple meals in alcoholic beverages and fried foods. Unfortunately, those are pretty high calorie habits, so we’ll have to lower that down to about 70%. So given everything, your “eat well most of the time” nutrition plan, is at about 65-70% “on target”. If we can put that into educational terms, you are looking at a high D or very low C average. Equate that to a body type, and your nutrition now allows you to have a below average to very average body. That sounds appealing! If we eat at 80% effectiveness, with everything else being on point, that allows us to have a slightly above average body. Nothing that anyone talks about or really notices, but it’s better than most people. 90% and above, and we are looking at star students. The kind of marks that people notice. An in turn, your body will respond with showing amazing results. You’ll feel better, look amazing, and live to tell the tale. Realize this though, Semesters in school last months, and you may get a good grade on one test, for a week, but you can still flunk the class if you aren’t consistently doing the work. Feel me? So what is your fitness grade? Apply this technique to everything you do for your health, and you’ll know where you stand.