We all have fear. Mine is my mom. Kidding (kind of). But we all have fears in life. What I will focus on here, is the people who actually fear getting into a fitness program. We all know someone who is afraid of starting to work out, or going to the gym you go to, or maybe it’s you who is afraid. What we have to ask ourselves though, is what are they afraid of, exactly? Is it that they’ll fail to get in shape? Is it that they are afraid it’s too much work? If it’s you, how do you know you’ll fail if you never actually commit? most people assume failure, without even actually trying. I don’t know many people who have put a full effort into fitness, and come away with crappy results. I know plenty of people who SAY they put full effort into it and come away with crappy results, but no one that has gone all out and failed. yes, it’s hard work, but the results are worth every effort you make. Look better, feel better, do better. It’s all within your grasp. Every day will be a battle, but plan on winning, and you’ll do well.