Being a personal trainer, I get tons of nutrition questions each week,and a lot of “I read this article…” type comments.  It’s interesting to me to see what resonates with people,and what knowledge they hold on to.

     The one thing that i can’t really ever wrap my head around is when people talk about fruits and vegetables. Everyone knows they are great for us,and we should ALL be eating more of them.  What shocks me though is the amount of people willing to discredit some of them for their sugar content.  As if the fruits and vegetables in question are now equivalent to cotton candy because there are sugars in carrots or bananas.  People are like “i heard you shouldn’t eat those because they are high in sugar”.  Really, dude?  Coming from the guy drinking a mello yellow slushie and eating pancakes with syrup on top.  Yup. Carrots.  Stay away from carrots.

People look for a way to get out of eating vegetables or justifying why they aren’t, using the sugar content in FRUITS AND VEGETABLES to stay away from them.  Maybe look at the things you actually ARE eating, then compare them to said “deceiving” fruits and veggies, then look them over again!