If you want to increase your skillset, what do you do? You practice. If you want to be good at something, you don’t practice once a week. You probably don’t practice twice a week. You do some form of that practice every day. Basketball players can’t expect to be great with a 2 hour practice once a week. Musicians can’t expect to make hits picking up an instrument 5 times in a month. Just like you can’t expect to see results from your twice a week gym excursion!

Consistent, dedicated effort is going to give you what you want. That means what you do has to have intention. Under the thin veil of “weight loss” or “getting in shape” there is something that can drive your discipline to practice even when you dont want to. It could be living for your children. It could be that you don’t want to suffer like your parents did. It could be that the pain of being where you are currently is too much to handle when you actually think about it.

Discover that, and take action. We all SAY we want something, but when it comes time to slow down and get INTO the work of it all, we justify our inaction. Discover your actual WHY. Once you do that, you won’t think about practice being negotiable.

We practice like we WANT to be perfect, so we can see the improvement that we are looking for.