“Go hard or go home”
“No pain no gain”
“Sweat is fat crying”
“Just do it”

All of them worthy, sound bite-y statements.

We know more now. Although it your training should be challenging, it just being hard is only one variable or the training equation.

There should be purpose driven movements involved, there should be intent within the movements and appropriate progression and regression strategies, that are not only thought out, but measurable and measured.

We want it to just be DONE, which lends to these quick fix places that promise all your fitness needs packed into 45 minutes. In theory, that sounds wonderful. What about your food? What should you be eating to support that? Your recovery? How much should you rest or do recovery exercises to supplement that 45 minutes? That nagging shoulder pain? Or the fact you have no idea how to do some exercises?

This becomes way more complicated than just training “hard”.

The outside variables or the technique or the intent are just as important and are PART of the “hard”.

If those aren’t addressed, you are just making the results harder to get. That’s all.