You want tips for fat loss. I’m going to give you a few, since I’m a personal trainer, in the fat loss capital of the world, Las Vegas. Ok. Maybe that isn’t entirely the truth. I don’t know where the fat loss capital of the world is, but it COULD be here. You never know. Anyway, short and sweet post, so here we go. 1. Don’t Do Stereotypical Cardio- Interval SPRINTS (read: SPRINTS) are what is going to help you burn fat the fastest. When I say sprinting, I mean no longer than 20 seconds of all out effort. 2. Fill Your Plate With Veggies First- Eat as much vegetables as you can, THEN go for the protein, and lean meats. 3. Don’t Make Excuses- More often than not, people who can’t lose fat are finding reasons they couldn’t work out, or couldn’t eat the right things. They usually can do both, they just decide not to. 4. Lift Weights, HARD and HEAVY- Getting more muscle is the quickest way to burning more fat….. Period… or… Periods. There you have it, tips for fat loss from your Las Vegas Personal Trainer.