We all want to change, but who actually does it. We can talk all we want about how much we want this, or we want that, but 90% of us only TALK. There may be 10% of us, who go out and get what we want. I can talk about this in general, or in my line of work, fitness. I’m going to do the latter. How many of you reading this, have at one time or another said, “I really need to get in shape” or “I gotta lose a little weight for the summer”? My guess is all of you. If you have never said anything like that, you would not be reading any of my posts, since you wouldn’t need my advice, being totally satisfied with your own fitness level and how your body looks. But since you are reading, I’m assuming you could use some help. Now how many of you that said that, actually did something, and are in a place that you are totally happy with? Again, I’m going to guess. It’s probably around 10% of you, that are good with where they are at currently. So this leaves 90% of you, with something to improve. Why is that? You have thought about changing, have even read things like this on figuring out how to change, yet you still aren’t where you want to be. Why is that? I have a guess, and this is only a guess. You haven’t totally committed to changing. Like I said before, we’ve all TALKED about what we want. We’ve all said we would love to be in better shape, and we would love to work out more. Since we talk about it all the time, why aren’t we doing it? The answer lies inside your head. If you aren’t where you want to be, or aren’t currently on your way there, YOU are what’s stopping you. We have to totally, 100% commit to what our “wants” are. If we do not, we will find excuses along the way. Work, kids, money, time… Those are all excuses that aren’t actual reasons at all. You’ve never seen a mom with a six pack? I have. How much more time to they have than you do? My guess is the same 24 hours. You’ve never seen a shredded business owner? They make a committment to their “wants” and it pays off. You have to dive in, with no regrets, no “There is nothing else to eat so I just had some deli meat” excuses. They commit, plan and execute on their way to their goals. They are no different than the 90% of you who aren’t on the way to their goals. They just commit all the way around the board. No half assing, no working out but not being on point with nutrition, no starving themselves, no laziness. They get on it. And with that, they change their lives.