We work out and just do what we have known forever.

I know people who are just doing the workout
they remember from high school 15 years ago, because that’s all they know.

Never mind that it is ineffective. That’s what they know, so they do that.

Never mind that you don’t know how to properly have glute activation in a squat so your
quads always take over, guess who is never going to get that butt they so badly want, no matter how many different squats they do?

If you get pain in your shoulders when raising your arms above your head, if you don’t know what to do to remedy that, how is there going to be a valid solution besides “going lighter”
on exercises and full on dismissing those movement patterns?

If all we know is “sweating equals a good workout”, what are we leaving on the table in terms of results?

I can take the same workout and apply it in different ways to get different stimulus and results. Do you know how to do that or even how that would occur?

When a plank is hurting your back, but it doesn’t hurt other people’s backs, it isn’t the fault of the plank.

Planks don’t hurt your back. The way YOU do planks hurts your back.

When we can figure out the why and how of the movements and educate ourselves on those aspects, our gains will come quicker and easier.