We all hate fat.   Not just any fat.   The fat that you and I both have a common dislike for, lies around, lazily, on each one of our bodies.   Even if we tell it that it’s been a good run, but ya gotta go, it still hangs around.   Kind of like that roommate that doesn’t leave, so you are forced to move out.   Well, you should fight back in this argument, and force fat out.   It’s YOUR body, and you say what goes.   Right now, fat has to find a new place to live, but you have to forcefully remove it from your body.   It’s not going to leave because you’d like it to, or because you are giving it hints that it’s time to move on.   You must grab it by the head, and throw it out on the street to fend for itself.   You can do this by doing a couple different things, the first of which, is getting rid of all the crap in your kitchen. Don’t use the excuse of someone else in the house eats it. If it’s not good enough for you, then why is it good enough for anyone else?   Fill your kitchen with healthy choices only, and u only have one choice to make.   Another thing you can do is INTENSE exercise.   Don’t just go to the gym.   Go to WORK when you are there.   There is this phenomenon called “sweating”.   Look it up.   Do it.   Often.   And a lot.   Trust me on this one.   Use those two things, and fast will be looking for a new home, in no time.