In my experience of this working out thing, I’ve gone through a lot of different types of workout routines. I’ve done the only plyometrics workout, the supersets workout, the reps to failure workout, the 200 squats in a workout workout, and the monkey see monkey do workout. You know what the best ones were? The ones where i actually focused on getting somewhere. I could do a workout that tells me to GO GO GO, but if that’s the only reason to do it, then I won’t get very far. Maybe that works with running(it doesn’t), but it doesn’t work with your fitness goals. Most people that come into my gym want to lose body fat, but they don’t really know how to get there. They know that calories are part of the process, but they don’t know their whole role. Most people just think the more calories you burn, the more you are going to look like Hugh Jackman in X-Men Days of Future Past. Not true. If you think that all he did was look at how many calories he burned to look like that, you are crazy. He had training goals, and probably realized that the more his movement looked like exercise video workouts, the better results he would get. What you see a lot of people do is look at their fitness devices and rely on that for the quality of their workout. Multiple problems with this. If you are only looking at calories burned, just run for an hour every day. You’ll burn a lot of calories that way, but more than likely, unless you want to look like you have no muscle, that’s not going to get you to your physical goals. You’ll keep burning calories and will be wondering why nothing is changing in the way you want it. Your calorie deficit is where it needs to be, but you’ll wonder why your body doesn’t look like all those people you see on instagram. The problem is your training program has no goals. Calorie burn is NOT a good goal to have, because it won’t tell you the whole story. You’ll keep chasing that calorie number, and nothing will happen. Now, if you have goals of a different nature, say, 50 unbroken chest to floor pushups, a few things will happen. You’ll get stronger by reaching this goal. Your muscle size will change, and in addition to that, you’ll burn more calories at rest because of the new muscle you’ve gained. Now a goal like this, is a much better option than saying you need to burn 400 calories this workout. The calorie goal will put you in a Merry-Go-Round that never gets different scenery (Ie: better aesthetics) where the pushup goal actually reshapes your body. It’s not up to me to decide what you should be doing, but I think I have a pretty good idea what can help you, and what will make you go on that crash diet because nothing has changed. By the way, that crash diet route, all it will do is make you gain weight back, and start all over, and stay on that same cycle you’ve been on for the last few years. In conclusion: Have goals other than calories burned. Work on form that equates to a better workload. Get stronger. Getting stronger will only HELP any other fitness goals you have.