Are you the type of person who knows what you are eating is wrong, but you do it anyway? Are you the type of person who KNOWS you need to work out more, but puts in a half ass effort, if any at all? Are you the type of person who stays up late to catch up on the latest streaming show, and then wakes up in the morning wishing you got more sleep? This is 12 week program that can absolutely transform your life in a way that stays, not just for the 12 weeks. Learn strategies and behaviors about how to work out, how to recover, how to fuel yourself for your goals, and how to have them become BEHAVIORS. That’s usually the problem. We can “limit” ourselves for a certain amount of time, but when push comes to shove, we end up doing what we feel like doing. This program starts to change what it is you feel like doing on an every day basis. Imagine if you felt like eating the way that you know you should. What about instead of being lazy and streaming reality tv, you FELT like going for a walk in the park or for a hike? That’s the plan with The Total Health Program.

Imagine not wanting something greasy for dinner, but something nourishing. Imagine nutrition being EASY. Imagine physical activity being a thing you ENJOY and seek out. That’s not psycho, that’s living. You can get there. This program is here to help you.

12 Weeks Of:

Nutrition Coaching– Planning meals, understanding macronutrients, finding nutritious choices on the go, cooking for dummies, hydration rules and eating for your goals.

Workouts– Understanding what makes an effective, efficient workout, and how to carry it out. Figuring out time efficient exercises that not only get you what you want, but cut out the excess, increasing your body’s ability to move, and increasing the likelihood that you’ll want to move more. Workouts that not only add muscle, but make you feel better than you’ve felt in ages.

Recovery– Understanding how breathing can help you increase your ability to sustain more workouts, increase energy IMMEDIATELY, and wind you down to get settled in for rest. Understanding that rest isn’t just “doing nothing”, but acquiring strategies that increase the effectiveness of the “work” and nutrition.

In addition to the above we’ll have weekly online meetings (if you can’t make it they will be recorded) going over different topics like intermittent fasting, if it’s for you, or how to properly go through and effective warm-up that enhances your workout, and why meditation IS for you, even if you think it’s boring.

This is the most all around program online for someone who is ready to put in effort to change their life. Is that you?

Who: You, duh. Anyone that is ready. This is an online or “virtual” program

What: The Total Health Program by TCTC

What You Need: A gym, and a computer or mobile phone, your attitude of a growth mindset. If you have a gym membership, that would be ideal. If you have stuff at home, we can make that work, too.

When it is: February 1st-April 26th We’ll have virtual meetings every Monday.

Why: So you can quit wondering about why you aren’t changing the way you want to, why you can’t “stick to a diet” and why your knees/back/shoulder/hips started hurting out of nowhere. So you can actually have energy again. So you can feel like your body isn’t falling apart. So you can feel like you do have strength physically, and so you can like how you look.

Where: At your house, gym or computer. We’ll be having online meetings, but the work will be done wherever you are.

How Much: $249 for the 12 weeks

How Many People Can Do It: I want a small group of 15 people to be part of this.

How Do I Sign Up: You can do that right HERE

If you’ve read this far, this is what you’ve been looking for.