My gym, is like your house. I’m pretty much at my gym, for everything, but sleep, and sometimes even that. With that being said, my gym is my first home, not my second. The place where Tyrone, my dog lives, is basically a place for me to shower. With that being said, I’d love it if you considered it my home as well. And since you’ve been invited to my home, you should follow some simple rules that most people would like their own house guests to follow. 1. If you are going to wear shoes, they should be clean. I allow shoes on in my house, and I would think this would be evident, but no one wants mud and dirt from your company softball game trampling all throughout their house. It doesn’t take that much time to make sure you wear a clean pair of workout shoes. If you don’t have any, maybe you should be in the market for some. 2. Don’t make a mess on our furniture. You ever see Coming To America? That scene where Darryl’s parents get off the couch? Don’t do that. Yes, we will sweat in the gym, but no, you do not need to leave your mark on any of the equipment, or mirrors, or doors. There are cleaning supplies in plain sight. If you dirty it up, wipe it down. 3. Don’t make a mess, period. I have never understood why people will leave their own trash places. Do they think every place comes equipped with janitors? If I was at your house, and brought a bottle of water in, and was finished with it, I’d ask you where your garbage, or recycling was. If it was in plain sight, I’d get up and dispose of it myself, without asking. I wouldn’t leave it on your floor, or table, or cubby hole;) I also wouldn’t take toys out of the places you store them, and not put them back. That is one of the first things you learn as a child. “Put it back where you found it”. I’m pretty sure 99% of you reading this heard that growing up, maybe once, or a hundred times. 4. My “office” is my master bedroom. This one should be simple. If you invite me to your house, do you think I’d just invite myself into your bedroom, or would I wait for an invite? This is some of the only personal space I have, and it’s interesting that people find the need to go inside it for whatever reason. There is a guest bathroom on the other side of the floor, and unless you are eating my food, there really is no other reason to go in to the office. Respect that space of mine, and I won’t break into your house, and jump on your king size mattress. 5. If you’ve all been invited, get to know each other. You all have been welcomed into my “home”. You should all know each others’ names! This isn’t a Globogym or a huge commercial space, it’s a small studio, where we all hang out in close quarters. If you don’t know someone, introduce yourself. Ask them how they know me, or why they came. You might find out you have a friend in common, or that you click more than you thought you ever would with anyone else, ever. I think these are some very simple rules to follow, that you can apply the next time you come into the studio, or the next time you’ve been invited to someone’s house for dinner.