Here’s part of the problem.  People think that is going to be EASY! 


-It’s gonna be a struggle. 

-You aren’t going to want to do it.

-There will be tons of opportunities for “justifications”.

-You aren’t going to get it at first,  or at second, and probably not at third.

-It is going to have to take you away from what you are used to.

– You’ll think that YOU are different and that’s why it’s not working for YOU.

All of that is true.   You have to acknowledge that it will be hard.   If you don’t,  and you think “I’ll just do this”… a year from now,  you might actually be worse off.  Sooner than that, you might have already quit because it was too hard.  All because you thought it was going to be smooth sailing. 

WHY would you think that?   Your struggles are probably someone else’s struggles, too.  And quite possibly someone else’s struggles who overcame them.  Why are you different?

This is one of those messages that seems offensive to someone who wants to blame everyone and everything but themselves.

What this CAN be, is a starting point.   This can be your realization that if you want to change, YOU have to change.

No more blaming your genetics over your habits.

No more talking about the time you don’t have.

No more saying “it’s easy for them”… IT WASNT EASY FOR THEM, EITHER!

Sometimes you have to take the leap to change.  Sometimes it’s through forcing yourself to wake up earlier to make it happen until it becomes a habit.

Sometimes it’s paying someone to help you.

Sometimes it’s looking for answers instead of excuses.

Sometimes it is planning ahead.

Sometimes it is looking yourself in the mirror and spitting in it (Ted Lasso).

Sometimes it is admitting this is going to be hard…and then taking the next step.