Is there a perfect human diet? I watched a documentary the other night, titled, The Perfect Human Diet. A guy named CJ Hunt took you through some studies about the history of humans, what they ate in different eras of time, and the diseases they encountered. The view expressed in this documentary was one that battled veganism and humans as vegetarians. Interestingly enough, I’ve watched other documentaries, and read books about how the perfect diet for humans was in fact, to be a vegetarian. The problem as I see it, is, who is right? You’ve got all kinds of studies saying meat causes cancer, not eating meat doesn’t allow your brain to develop properly, eating carbs makes you fat and on and on and on. The way I see it, if you stick with real food, things will probably work out. Yes, I’m sure there will be some exceptions, but for the most part, if you eat things you can grow, rather than things you manufacture, you’ll turn out on the good side of things. I can’t state that as a fact, but I can state that as my opinion. We’ve been so engulfed by all these studies and what is the next chemical put into the food we eat to cause erectile dysfunction, we forget that if we just ate REAL food, we probably wouldn’t have to worry about things like that. Short post, but you get the point.