I just watched the Auburn Tigers work out. I saw them in the national championship against Oregon, and they basically looked like they were getting a good workout in. Even though the score was only different by three points, I feel like Auburn physically dominated the game. I think that Oregon is a team in much better shape, but for some reason, Auburn decided that wasn’t the case. In football, it’s not always about how fast you are, or how conditioned you are. Sometimes, it’s about how big you are. And that was how this story played out during this game. I still believe that Oregon would win every race against Auburn, but for whatever reason, they couldn’t exploit that in this game. Auburn knew who it was, and decided to manhandle Oregon, like they were just pushing around some iron in the weight room. So, what kind of strong are you? Do you like the Duck game, where you are fast, lean and sleek? Or are you more of a Tiger person? Broad, and powerful, able to move things against their will? What would you want to train for? Even though Oregon lost, they are more my style. I would rather be fast than strong, but that’s just my opinion. I enjoyed the game, and I’d love to watch something like that again, and only have the fast people win.