In a world where everything that sells has neon lights, live Dj sets, classes taught by entertainers and not instructors, a workout that you don’t have to think to feel successful, and Instagram-worthy set ups, our gym seems kind of boring. That’s ok. if you compare it to other forms of entertainment, it IS pretty boring.

Here’s the thing. I know it is now our duty as a fitness studio to also entertain our members and not just give them the best instruction in the city of Las Vegas. The problem is how much do you lean one way, and not lean the other? In our case, we are going to continue leaning on the side that allows you to get better in all movement patterns, give you a better mind-body connection, and get you in hearth healthy shape. I understand you may not get to see me do my dance routine from 10 years ago. I understand that you may not LOVE the music we play because it’s not what gets YOU hype, exactly, but what you will get from us is direction, a workout that will make YOU better from all angles, and results.

Although as a society we think that “I must sweat a lot, think very little, and be tired” is the best equation to get in shape… it isn’t. Variable movement where you may have to THINK about the pattern that you move in will allow you to burn a few more calories AND visit ranges of motion you don’t exercise normally. Doing the same movements up and down and up and down and forward and backwards is cool and all… but how is it helping you OVERALL?

Should we be asking more questions about our workout? Or should we just mindlessly do what’s “on trend”? 🙂