So, I’m wondering something.  you all know my certain issues with Crossfit, and debates I’ve had with friends I know who actually compete at a high level of Crossfit, but I was wondering about a few things today.  Now, you get to hear the things I was wondering:)

OK.  I know this post is probably going to enrage a few CF people and will probably make them think less of me, but I think I can deal with it.  Here goes the first thought:  Why, if these guys are the fittest on earth based on their training, not getting multi million dollar contracts from different sports like Rugby, Football, etc?  I know that some of them have sponsorship money and a few might actually make pro sports low level money, but if they are the fittest on earth, wouldn’t a pro team want to take a gamble on that fact?  If they are really strong, can run really fast, are agile, quick, powerful and have endurance, wouldn’t that be the markers of a GREAT Rugby player or AMAZING football player?  Rugby, I can understand the disinterest because the money isn’t quite there, but hey, you have the pedigree to be a pro football player, making at least half a million dollars a year, doing what a lot of Crossfitters say is LESS work.  Why isn’t this happening?

Next, I had a discussion a couple years back with someone I know who owns a Crossfit gym.  I was saying how I think in the next coming years, CF will more than likely start implementing more things like balance, mobility, and transverse plane movements, because they’ll figure out that the current model they had been using with a ton of saggital plane movements only is only going to increase injury and decrease mobility, agility, and overall flexibility.  He disagreed and said that more people would actually convert to more Crossfit style workouts.  While this may be true to the uneducated newbie, seeing as Crossfit is not going anywhere, the fitness professionals outside of Crossfit kind of dismiss it as something to do every now an then.  Olympic lifting, Plyometrics, and conditioning are all great, and I think everyone realizes that, and has for 50 years.  It’s HOW they are done and sequenced that people have an issue with.  But… I do see more sledge hammers, ring work, and I think they added swimming.  All moves that go outside the saggital plane.

Lastly, I have to go back to the professional sports world.  You would think that most professional sports, since Crossfit has been around now for a few ten years or so, would be adopting Crossfit workouts as their on and offseason training.  They use suspension training, balance workouts, SAQ drills, Olympic Lifting on its own, track workouts, etc… You’ve seen the videos.  How come they haven’t all just adopted Crossfit?  With that being said, maybe they don’t believe that’s the right option for training their million dollar pieces of equipment, you would think they would at least use Crossfits WOD’s to evaluate their players at things like the NFL Combine and NBA Draft Camps, no?  Why don’t they?

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get blasted for this post, but I’m just trying to spark a little bit of fire for people.  You know how I like to make people think and use emotions and stuff.  I don’t have a problem with people doing Crossfit, I have a problem with “The Fittest On Earth” thing.  It’s fittest on earth for THEIR criteria, which is fine, but for saying they are the best athletes on earth… hmmm….

Tony Cress TRX