We’re all trying to make our lives easier and avoid DOING THE WORK.
Do. The. Work.

“Minimize effort, maximize results!”
Why does that make sense to any of us? If you are saying it doesn’t, it just isn’t in those exact words that you believe it.

Ever paid 25 bucks a month for a gym membership? Ever bought something online that is the answer to your problem? Ever copied someone’s homework? Ever used a microwave?

All of those things you did because you wanted to minimize the effort to get what you wanted out of the deal.

This is our society. There are definitely outliers that think differently or actually do the work, but we have conditioned ourselves that the work isn’t necessary. The unfortunate thing about that is we get results that are a fraction of the thing we were trying to accomplish in the first place, leaving us unfulfilled.

Do. The. Work.