A lot of times our messages go unread, when there is plenty of valuable information in there, just waiting to be used.  This is one of those messages.  I am not really into the Black Friday thing, but I want to offer a deal, that is too damn good to not ponder.  I want you to get in shape.  You want to get in shape, and we both want you to develop great, healthy habits.  For some reason, you haven’t been ready to do that, and neither of us know why.  It might be fear, it might be that you don’t want to work hard, or it might be that you don’t want to spend money on actually doing things that will work.  You’ve been doing things on your own, and you think you can because, well, it’s YOUR body, but for whatever reason, you aren’t seeing change.  Well, maybe you should actually let a professional help you now.  That’s where I come in.

WHAT:  Coming in to TCPT is not just working out and going home.  You become part of the culture, and you develop skills and habits to take with you when you AREN’T at the gym, so you can be working towards your goals 24/7.  You gain accountability from the other people in the studio, and you gain a community that’s ready to help when you need it.  Try doing that solo.

THE DEAL:  What I’m offering, is a great deal where you can work out, get the information you need, and develop the skills to gain muscle, lose fat, feel good about yourself, and just BE BETTER.  This weekend until Monday morning, we are offering a YEAR of being better at the gym, and becoming a part of the TCPT family for $500.  It will never be this low again.  No Black Friday deals, no other yearly specials with unlimited workouts again.  Take advantage of being able to decide where you go, if you reach your goals or not, and if you have the right map towards them.  The time is now for throwing your excuses out the window, and MAKING time (3 days a week is all you need), deciding on learning about what the right foods are, and joining a community that is there with the same goals in mind.

WHO:  This deal is for anyone new to the gym, people who want to extend their current membership, or people who used to come to the gym, but lost their way (you guys are always welcome back).

DETAILS: The deal ends Sunday night at midnight though, and won’t be offered again.  Do you want to look back a year from now, in the same position, or do you want to look back and see that your life has transformed into an amazing, beautiful thing?