Don’t know why i just thought of this question. NBA summer league is up on tv, and there are some guys with some muscle on those courts! Playing basketball, I can appreciate the athleticism some of these guys have. And some of them are just chiseled. I also saw the other night on VH1 I think it was, the T.O. Show. Or something like that. Terrell Owens is trying to find a wife or something. Pointless really, but they do have a little clip of him working out. That dude is jacked. And he plays basketball in his free time as well. The reason I am writing this, is because I am wondering, which sport has the athletes who possess the most fitness? Is it football, with their fast receivers, powerful lineman, and agile running backs? Is it basketball, with their ultra quick point guards, their lean, long athletic forwards, and centers with their footwork? Maybe it’s baseball, with their… umm….their…. pitchers, and tobacco, and stuff. Wait, NO! definitely not baseball. There are some healthy, fit guys, but for the most part, come on. Hockey? possibly. I don’t know a ton about hockey, but i know these guys are skating non stop for a couple hours. So I ask you guys? What sport do you think has the overall fittest athletes? I know a lot of people are going to say rugby, or soccer. Give me your argument, and why.