Wow. I should be sleeping, but i gotta get this outta my head! So the other day, Josh, a friend of mine, asked me this question. “What can I eat for breakfast besides eggs and oatmeal?” or something like that. I have to, by the way, thank him for the title of this blog. Thanks Josh. So anyway, my answer for this was kinda simple, but we’ll get into it in some more detail instead. If you read any fitness, health or bodybuilding magazine for that matter, they’ll tell you that for breakfast you should have egg white omelets, and oatmeal, and turkey bacon, and sausage mcmuffins, and…….. wait. No, not sausage mcmuffins. My bad on that one guys. Which is a GREAT breakfast. Throw in a few veggies in that omelet, and it’s pretty complete. But what about the people who hate eggs, like myself? I know they have reasons for saying that is the ideal breakfast. You get some protein from the eggs, some carbs from the oatmeal, and some fat from the turkey bacon, all your macronutrients right there. That, to me, is a good enough reason i suppose. But I don’t really like that food. But i think the main reason they say those foods all the time is because they are “breakfast” foods. They also say cottage cheese, whole wheat toast, yogurt and fruit. “Breakfast” foods again. But what if you don’t like those foods? Should you just skip breakfast? Ummm… no. These aren’t wonder foods that have amazing powers, only if you eat them in the morning, and they aren’t the only foods you can eat in the morning either. This whole thing has been based on tradition. Who’s to say you can’t eat a lean burger at breakfast? Your mom? No. Hopefully she stopped telling you what to eat years ago. If she didn’t, you should either have a talk with her, or you could just move out of her house already. Moving on. There is no magic “breakfast” in terms of specific foods. Lean protein is lean protein. And complex carbs, are pretty much complex carbs. Whether it’s oatmeal or brown rice, they are pretty much doing the same thing. Whether is turkey breast or egg whites, they both are protein rich. Getting into specific types of protein and to a certain extent complex and simple carbs, really don’t have much to do with the general public. When you are at 10% bodyfat and want to get down to 8%, that is when you start worrying about that. But basically, you can eat whatever combination of meat and grain you want for breakfast. Spaghetti and Meatballs? Why not? just make sure the spaghetti is whole wheat, and the meatballs are made from the finest, umm…. what do they make meatballs out of? Meat? yeah, the finest meat. P.S. I apologize if this blog is jumbled, as i am half asleep as i’m writing every sentence. so if you don’t get any of this, read it while you are sleeping, because, it makes sense to me!